Mal de Mer is a rather pleasant and unassuming French term for the debilitating effect motion sickness may have on your body. Luckily, it is not usually life threatening although many sufferers wish it were if only to bring relief to the extreme discomfort they feel!

This is not a problem just for the elderly, sick or those of us that are just plain wimps. Recent research has reported that of 79 US Space Shuttle missions 94% of astronauts used some medication during flight. 47% of that medication was for the relief of space motion sickness. Hope that makes you feel a whole lot better!

One of the most irritating things about seasickness is how everyone else around you just goes on their merry way, perfectly comfortable and happy, in the same conditions that have reduced you to utter misery.

Many first time passengers will be anxious about the possible effect seasickness will have on them and the potential disruption it will have on their well earned vacation. Old hands will want to know what can be done to avoid the worst effects they may have suffered on previous boat trips.

Try not to let anything you read on this site prevent you from taking your well earned break and from enjoying what may be a thoroughly rewarding journey via sea. Rather, use it to your advantage and in all probability, for those of us it affects, seasickness will be a short term discomfort.

Take simple precautions and enjoy that vacation or trip on the high seas